XRAY TV is a new branch of XRAY.fm comprised of original miniseries, curated blocks of content ("Desert Island Television"), and XRAY Sessions. We strive to hold a camera to the best and most distinctive of Portland and to build a culturally relevant center for ideas, music, and creativity in service of a more open media and just community while shaping, influencing and engaging culture both in Portland and beyond through the open dialog of independent media.

You can find our independent programming both online and on Portland open access cable through Open Signal. Tune in Saturday nights to channel Pop29 between 10pm and 2am to catch our full programming, or check out our YouTube channel for our Original Series shows.

We Believe In Community-Driven Media Production and Distribution

Through our partnership with Open Signal, we provide tools, trainings, crew and support for creatives to help see their vision realized. We not only create a solid platform for media producers to share and promote their projects, but we offer a community for collaboration. The XRAY Film Collective laid the groundwork for this new venture, in which we focus on creating a community for local film and video makers to connect and work on both XRAY-related and personal projects. We believe there is a huge amount of untapped talent and energy in Portland that we would like to unearth and share with the community and beyond.


General Inquiries: [email protected]

Press: [email protected]

Submissions: [email protected]


We are always looking for great independent video content to add to XRAY TV. If you would like to submit a finished video please be in touch for more details. We hold annual pitch sessions for new series. To stay in the loop please join our Meetup group and the FILM COLLECTIVE, and our EMAIL LIST.

Submissions: [email protected]


The XRAY TV Film Collective is a community of folks working together on video productions.

The XRAY Film Collective is a community of folks working together on video productions for both XRAY TV related shoots and personal projects. We host events, special screenings, parties, workshops and send out regular crew calls/newsletters. For more information and to fill out our intake form please email [email protected]. And Join our Meet Up Page